We offer several service options depending on customer needs. Genome2-ID and Kprint are genomics based analysis platforms that use whole genome shotgun (WGS) data from your sample to provide high resolution identity and provenance respectively. We also offer traditional DNA Barcoding, which is an economical and rapid approach for application that require less sensitivity.


Genome2-ID is a data analysis software pipeline that provides high accuracy and precision of species identity and purity. Through the use of WGS data, estimates of species composition and purity are unbiased and quantitative when using Genome2-ID. In addition Genome2-ID uses entire genomes as its references (chloroplast genomes for plants, mitochondrial genomes for animals and fungi, and entire genomes for bacteria and probiotics), and as such is very sensitive to differences among species. To learn more about how Genome2-ID works, visit our resources page for a short webinar. To see an example report using Genome2-ID, click below. To test and evaluate Genome2-ID and to review the list of species in our reference database, visit the Portal page.

Visit and Test our Data Analysis Portal View a Sample Report here

DNA Barcoding

Traditional DNA Barcoding is based on the use of one or two genes that are present in all species and diagnostic for the identity of each species. The use of less data (one gene versus one genome) results in less precision in species identification relative to Genome2-ID, but when coupled with Next Generation Sequencing, DNA Barcoding is good for determination of purity and a rapid and economical way to screen for product identity. To see a sample report using DNA Barcoding, click below.

View a Sample Report here


Kprint is a method that directly compares DNA data from throughout the genome to provide an ulta-high sensitivity genetic fingerprint. This fingerprint is especially useful to diagnose the provenance of samples (as in sourcing of materials), as well as differentiating among sub-species level varieties and strains. Custom databases built using Kprint offer the highest level of precision of any assay, and offer a rapid tool to help identify and protect novel products. To learn more about Kprint, visit our resources page for a short webinar.


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