DNA4 Technologies was founded in 2015 with the goal of providing the food and drug industry the latest in genomic and bioinformatic services, with a focus on species identification and product validation. Since our founding, we have grown into an all in one service company with genomic sequencing capabilities that are complemented by our bioinformatic data analysis software. We have maintained a commitment to transparency in our approach that is carried from our beginnings in open-source peer reviewed research, as exemplified through the Genome2-ID open API, and our detailed reporting.

While expanding our service capacity, we have continued to pioneer the application of genomic data to the identification, quantification and sourcing of natural products. We have research collaborations with faculty at NIH, FDA, and Universities throughout the US and the world. Those research relationships represent the trust that we have built with those institutions and our commitment to continuous improvement. It is that same trust and commitment that is the most important product we deliver to our clients.

Our Laboratory

DNA4 Technologies is located at bwtech@UMBC Research & Technology Park, one of the largest research parks and incubation programs in Maryland. As a proud member of the bwtech@UMBC Community, our affilation with bwtech@UMBC provides access to university resources and ongoing research partnerships.

Our laboratory is a modern molecular genetic facility with in-house Next Generation Sequencing via the Illumina platform. We follow core GLP principles specified in FDA guidelines 21CFR58, to ensure the most rigorous and controlled environment in which client samples are tested. The sample processing pipeline is managed from arrival to final sequencing within our laboratory environment with no outsourcing of any part of the process. With decades of experience, total control of the testing pipeline, robust and reproducible sample processing workflows, we know we can deliver precision, accuracy and trust.


Our Team

David is a Ph.D. scientist specializing in Genetics and Evolution. David has led a range of genetics projects, including quantitative genetics, ancient DNA, and DNA barcoding, before co-founding DNA4 Technologies in 2015. David is principally responsible for the strategic vision of the company while continuing to participate in product research and development. You can view Daivd's research publication history here.
Lars is a physician with Master's Degree in Public Health and has been actively involved in his own clinical practice as well as co-founding a number of start-ups, including DNA4 Technologies. Lars contributes business and financial guidance to the company and participates in overall strategic planning.
Liam is a software engineer with extensive experience in cloud computing and distributed networks. Liam is the primary developer for the Kprint software, and contributes to all aspects of software development and implementation.
Shu earned a MS in Molecular Biology and has been central to the growth of our genetics laboratory since joining us. Shu is responsible for all day to day laboratory operations, the training of new technicians and visitors, and implementing GLP guidelines.

Exclusive Partnership

DNA4 Technologies has formed an exclusive partnership with Nutrasource to offer full genetic and chemical validation testing services for the health products industry. This partnership allows us to combine our expertise in analytical testing to augment Nutrasource’s integrated solutions platform for regulatory compliance, clinical research, and claims substantiation. Together, we provide a one-stop shop for all your product development needs so you can gain market access with strong science and regulatory confidence.

Our Clients

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The signature of DNA is unique and diagnostic for all living things. With Genome2-ID we use that signature to identify the composition of foods, supplements, probiotics and even screen for GMO.



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