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DNA4 Technologies is a biotechnology company that offers full service DNA based tests for the identification of natural product identity and purity. We utilize the latest advances in genomics and bioinformatics to offer unbiased, quantitative estimates of the species content found in products derived from natural sources. Our extensive reference databases allow for the testing of plant, animal, and probiotic based products in addition to the screening of impurities as well as GMO modification. With DNA4 Technologies as your testing service partner you can go forward with confidence.

Our Difference


Many companies offer DNA sequencing services and promise expertise in bioinformatics. What separates DNA4 Technologies from others is the quality of our software that correctly interprets DNA data to provide accurate unbiased reports of product authenticity and purity. We don't make promises, we deliver.



Technology must go hand in hand with transparency. Customers need know how the identity and purity of their samples is determined. We go to the extreme in providing detailed sample reports, access to the samples in our reference databases, and access to our bioinformatics technology through our Genome2-ID web portal.



The reports a company provides are only as good as the people behind that report. At DNA4 Technologies, instead of saying 'trust us' we deliver a combination of technology and transparency that ensures customers can rely on our results.


Products we work with

The signature of DNA is unique and diagnostic for all living things. With Genome2-ID we use that signature to identify the composition of foods, supplements, probiotics and even screen for GMO.



Natural Foods


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DNA4 provides genetic identification of your products to ensure the highest standards of safety and quality.